Significance of reciting Durood Sharif

Durood is an invocation made to compliment Prophet Muhammad S A W W . Although most of us are aware that durood sharif should be recited when ever we hear ,write or see the name of our beloved Prophet S A W W. But we should not limit ourselves to only these instances reciting durood sharif holds huge rewards in this world and the hereafter . But most of all it brings us closer to the Prophet PBUH .  Durood Sharif is also recited by Allah Almighty himself , such is its significance .

Below are some of the ahadith and other references showing significance of reciting durood sharif:
1.” On the day of Qiyamah the person closest to me will be the one who has sent the most Durood unto me. ” (TIRMIZI)
2.” On Fridays, send Durood abundantly on me, as it is presented before me. ” (ABU DAWUD)
3. ” If any person, who writing my name, sends darood Sharif to me,then for as long as my name remains in that book, Angels will make Du’a of mercy for him. “
4. “Whoever recites Durood at my grave, I hear it myself. And whoesoever recites it from a distance, Angels present them to me.” (BAIHAQI)
5. “On the day of Qiyamah, that person will be protected from the frightfulness of Qiyamah who recited durood abundantly to me.” (SA’AYA)
6. “For the reciter of durood, Allah sends 70 blessings on him and the angels make dua for him 70 times.”(TIBRANI)
7. ” On the Day of Qiyamah, besides the Shadow of the Throne, there would be no other shadow.On that Day, Allah Almighty will especially Grant three kinds of people
a place under his trone:
  1. Whosoever removed some difficulty of my Ummah and solved his hardship
  2. Whoever revived my Sunnah
  3. And Whoever recited Doorud Sharif on me abundantly
8.”Allah Almighty has appointed a group of angels who travel the world, and in my Ummah, whoever sends salutatations to me, those salutations are presented to me by
these angels.” (IBNE HABBAN)
9.” Recite durood sharief abundantly on me, it will be a means of cleanliness and purity for you.” (ABU YA”LA
10.”Before whomsoever my mention is made, he should recite durood sharief upon me.” (Nasa”I)
11. ” Whosoever recites Durood Sharief on me 10 times in the morning and evening, I will intercede for him on the day of Qiyamah.” (TIBRANI)
12. ” Whosoever recites Durood Shareef a 1000 times on me daily, then before death he will see his abode in Jannah.” ( SA’AYA)
13. ” Whosoever recites Durood Sharief upon me once, the Allah Almighty orders the Kiraman-Katibeen not to record any (minor) sins of the reciter for 3 days.”
14. ” Send Durood Sharief on me, Allah will also send Durood on you.”

This is just the tip of the ice berg , our Murshad Hazrat Shams Ali Qalandar also instructed his disciplines to recite durood sharif . The following durood sharif is given to recite in our silsilah
Roman text : "Allahuma sali alla sayedena Muhammadin wa alla aali sayedna Muhammadin wa barik wa salim " .
Benefits of reciting for :
Ziarat of Holy Prophet PBUH in dreams.
Helps in the spriritual journey.
Removes tension & troubles in daily life

Important note , this is not only for mureed's /spiritual followers very muslim should recite it as much as possible. Effort should be made to recite at least 1000 time per day . This can be divided into 2 tasbih with every Namaz . Or else as one wishes e.g you can read it in your free time etc ,you can also use digital counter/tasbih to recite durood to keep up with minimum 1000 times per day recommended recitation , in your daily routine hence neither your work will be disturbed and you will also make habit of reciting durood sharif. There is no limit to the recitation of durood sharif you can do it as much as you like above the value we mentioned . Also increase the recitation in Rabi-ul-awal - ramzan & fridays.

For starters start by reciting a small number and gradually increase , so that you don't feel overburdened and gradually it will become your habit.

Surely you will see the fruit of Reciting Durood Sharif in this life and the hereafter .