Account of acquittal in court case by the dua of Qalandar Sahib

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             Session Judge Assan
                    High Court Asaan

         Tamam Khooni Raha Beli

One of the honour bestowed to Hazrat Shams Ali Qalandar is that people were set free by his dua from court cases and sentences, as in the above mentioned Kalam of Qalandar Pak.
Uptill now thousands of people have been set free, accounts of all of those would fill books hence only one of the instance is shared as a tip of the iceberg.

In the village “Shadiawala”, Muhammad Din a 25~26 year old had some issue with Mian Ali Muhammad who was the Imam (Prayer leader) in the local mosque, and killed him. When the family of Muhammad Din knew about this they immediately went to Qalandar Sahib and told them that their boy had killed a person, Please pray for him that he gets forgiveness from Allah. Qalandar Sahib asked whom he has killed. “Mian Ali Muhammad the Imam”, they replied. Listening to this Qalandar Sahib said “He killed Mian(Imam), didn’t he find any infidel”. The boys family replied that he was a fraudster. After listening to them Qalandar Sahib said “Go now, I will present your request in the Katchery Paak and will inform you about the final decision”.

In about a week’s time Qalandar Sahib went to the village and announced that Muhammad Din has been acquitted in the Katchery Paak. The news spread to the whole village like a wild fire.
At the time several sikh communities also lived in that area, one of the sikh who was a landlord of the area and was fiercely against the killers family called all the heads of area and decided to inquire about this matter, upon asking who ordered the announcement, one of the servants of Qalandar Sahib said that, he himself had ordered. So the sikhs went to Qalandar Sahib, and again asked the same question, he replied “Whatever you have listened is true, I ordered the announcement to be made and Muhammad Din has been acquitted”.

The Sikhs returned after listening this, and started planning how to proceed with the court case, they decided to actively pursue the case and all testimonies to be presented against the accused by the Sikhs themselves so that accused receives death punishment or at-least life imprisonment. Hence they started preparing the court case with the numberdar of the village Heera Singh, leading the Sikhs. Due to this two parties had formed in the area one who supported Muhammad Din, and the other against him. In the party against the accused one of the Nephew of Heera Singh who was a devout follower of Qalandar Sahib came to him and informed that his community had selected him as a witness against the killer but Qalandar Sahib had announced the acquittal, what should he do. Qalandar sahib gave him the permission to do what his family asks, and that his testimony wouldn’t have any affect.

The case proceedings started and the witnesses gave their testimonies with full zeal and zest, so that the killer be given severe punishment. During those days whenever Qalandar Sahib visited the village the Sikhs would gather around him and ask how did he knew that Muhammad Din would be set free. Qalandar Sahib gently explained to them that “Muhammad Din has been set free in the Katchery Paak, whatever Allah shows to me I announce it and that is never wrong”.

Similarly once Qalandar Sahib visited the village the Sikhs started saying, although he is a Faqeer and never touches money, but he has made this an excuse to get bread and butter, nevertheless the killer would get life sentence and if not life imprisonment is a must, and the faqeer will leave the area at that moment and as he has no permanent abode no one will be able to prove him that he was wrong about the announcement he had ordered regarding acquittal. Listening to this Qalandar Sahib vehemently replied in a load voice,” This faqeer announces that he will be in this village one day before the final hearing of the case and will not leave it till the decision is announced”. Everybody was astounded by his announcement and nobody dared to speak a word and returned to their homes.

The trial continued and the family of the accused was instructed by Qalandar Sahib to have firm belief, and not to go to any other faqeer or Mezar for dua regarding this. But the mother of the accused came to Qalandar Sahib again, fell to his feets and said that her heart was not satisfied. He replied you would get satisfaction. That night the lady saw in her Batin/dream that her son had returned and when she asked her son how he was freed, his son replied, the Staff/Assaa of Qalandar Sahib had set him free. The morning the lady returned, thanked and said now I am satisfied.
At last the day of final hearing was there, and Qalandar Sahib reached the village one day earlier and announced that the faqeer is here as had promised. The night the Sikhs cordoned all the paths leading out so that Qalandar Sahib wouldn’t go away at night. But as was the will of Allah the next day Muhammad Din was set free by the court, he reached the village and fell to the feet of Qalandar Sahib and became the Ghulam of Qalandar Sahib.

This event had a huge impact on the Sikhs and several of them became devotee of Hazrat Shams Ali Qalandar. Even now people visit the Darbar Sharif to pray for the acquittal & success in court cases.