A hindu's request to Qalandar Sahib

During the Qalandar Sahib's stay in Dhuliana, Gangaram who was a hindu came to him. He was financially broken and poor, with debts to pay. He struggled to feed his children even a piece of bread, when the situation seemed out of control and no sign of hope, he came to Qalandar Sahib touched his feet and started weeping,"Please have mercy on me, let me be able to feed my children, i am buried under huge debts".

Listening to this Qalandar Sahib said to him,"Go, you will be free from your debt and will have abundant wealth."

Hence just as Qalandar Sahib had said it only took a few days and the Hindu was free from debt and became wealthy. This incidence had a huge impact on him and afterwards he remained in the service of Hazrat Shams Ali Qalandar.

This is just one of the instance in which, People came to him empty handed but were blessed with the spiritual as well as worldly wealth.

Its the saying of Qalandar Pak
"Jo koi is darwaze Aawe Khali Mool kadi na jaway" i.e Whoever comes here will not return empty handed.

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