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              "Behold! Verily on the Friends of Allah there is no fear nor shall they grieve"
                  Quran (Surah10: Verse 62)

               Abu Huraira (r.a) also reports a Hadith Qudsi in which our Holy Prophet (saw) informs us                    that Allah (swt) said: 'Whosoever acts with enmity towards a Friend of Mine, I will indeed                  declare war against him" [Hadith Qudsi: Bukhari]

 Tasawuf is path leading to Allah Almighty. It is the path of Aulia Allah, who have spent their whole lives to get closer to Allah and have traversed this path. Only the one who has travelled a path can guide the newcomer about it otherwise the newcomer will not reach anywhere. 

Sufism/Tasawuf/Spirituality brings humans closer Allah & the goal of creation of mankind i.e Marfat e Illahi , via Holy Prophet PBUH and the guide is the Sheikh/Peer/Murshid/Sufi Saint.

 If you need an expert to build an ordinary house, what about your heart? How do you approach your Lord without the guidance of an expert? You have to look for an expert. You cannot reach Him without one, no matter how much you try to move on this path alone. No one can reach by himself because sometimes, even though he knows he is on the right path, he might do something out of place or time. Then he will fail. So we need an expert and that expert is our guide.

 Reference from Holy Quran:

"O You who believe!Be mindful of your duty to Allah and seek a means to approach Him" (Sura Al Maida,verse 35)

What is this means to approach Allah?Hazrath Shayhk Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani states that a murshid is to be accepted as a link and a mediator between himself and his Lord,and also as a method and means to attain Him.He further says that the spiritual guides are the road to Allah,the signposts to it,and the gate by which it is entered.For every seeker of Allah a spiritual guide is therefore indispensable(necessary).

In Sura Kahf verses 65-82 where Allah had ordered Hazrath Musa to seek the company of Hazrath Khizr to gain certain knowlege that Allah had betowed upon Hazrath Khizr.

The Sahaba learnt from the Holy Prophet then the Taba'in learnt from the Sahaba,then the Tabe Taba'in learnt from Taba'in.In this way,century after century the master and disciple sequence continued without a break through the saints until the present period and will continue till the advent of the final hour.

In Sura Fatiha Allah says in Ayat 5. Guide us in the straight path. 6. The path of those whom You have favoured. 7. Not of those who have earned Your anger and nor of those who have gone astray. (Kanzul Iman) Allah has made namaz obligatory upon us and in every namaz we recite Sura Fatiha and without it the would be no namaz. We are taught by Allah to ask him for the path of those he has favoured ( anamta). We repeatedly ask Allah in every rakat, everyday and will have to until we die for the path of those he has favoured. If Allah has taught us to ask him for the path of those he has favoured then what better thing is there than actualy keeping the company of those people. So the next question comes who is the favoured?

 In Sura Nisa Allah says Ayat 69 And he who obeys Allah and His messenger then he will get the company of those who have been blessed by, Allah, viz. the prophets, and the truthful, and martyrs and the righteous, and what good companions are they. Ayat 70. This is the bounty from Allah, And Allah is Sufficient Knower. (Kanzul Iman) In Ayat 69 Allah names the people who he has favoured. The words blessed by Allah is read as ''Anamallahu Alaihim''. Allah has blessed/favoured the Prophets(nabi ina) , the Truthful (siddiqina), the Martyrs (shuhada), the righteous (saliheen) and then Allah says ''what good companion are they'' meaning that they are the best of all company's.

 In the next Ayat Allah says that keeping the company of these people is a bounty from Allah. SubhanAllah this is because through their company Allah makes one pious and attain his closeness. 

When Allah wanted to be known he sent 124,000 Prophet's to us and through keeping their company and believing in them people have become muslims. Those who did not keep their company and did not believe in them became Kafir. Every 500 years there is a Mursal Nabi born for example the Prophet (Sallalahu alaihissallam) was born 500 years after Isa (Alaihissallam). After the Prophet (Sallalahu alaihissallam) there will be no other Nabi's but the Prophet (Sallalahu alaihissallam) has said that there will be people from his ummat that will not be Nabi's but will have the makam like the Nabi's. This is because they will continue the work of the Prophets by spreading the message of Islam.

 1500 years has passed away but the law of Allah has not changed people will attain Allah's closeness by sitting with other people who are the favoured and have his closeness. And those who sit in the company of such people are indeed under the fazal of Allah. "O Believers! Fear Allāh and remain in the company of the truthful." "And on that Day We will call them with their Imāms [Mentors, Shaykhs]. "O You who believe, fear Allāh and seek wasīla [means] to reach Him."

 Stages of tasawuf

Tasawuf can’t be learnt from books, only a true guide can teach you, and help you across the spiritual manazil which are 3 :
1.Fana fil Sheikh
 2.Fana fil Rasool
3.Fana fil Allah

 Spiriutal Faiz:
Faiz is the spiritual blessing transferred from the Peer to his mureed. It is the Noor or sacred light passed from Allah to Holy Prophet and through him to Murshids through their Sililah/Chains leading back to Prophet PBUH. The mureed accumulates faiz given by his murshad to him and it enables him to traverse the path of spirituality, reach spiritual Maaqam, get closer to Holy Prophet and Allah Almighty in Zahir & Batin. Although one can get faiz if Aulia have nazar e karam on them but the best way to receive faiz is to take bayt at the hands of your murshid , follow his every instructions & love him more than anything on earth.

What is Bayt: a covenant (promise) or pledge / oath of allegiance , The one who wants to be a mureed must give his oath and his promise to his murshid, to learn from him how to leave his bad manners and to lift himself to better conduct-'adaab in order to reach the perfect knowledge of spirituality. He sells his heart, Sooul to his Murshid. After this sale he no longer has a say in these matters nor can he do as he pleases. He should also follow teachings of only his murshid and not any other, but should respect other Wali Allah. 

Benefits of taking Bayt: 

  One comes in direct supervision of his murshid who looks after him , both in worldy difficulties and spiritually. 

Mushad is one who can ensure safe passage of his mureeds on the Bridge of Sirat on day of judgement, hence if you are mureed of a kamil Murshad and follow him, he will take care of your afterworld too. 

Bayt is the main way to receive Spiritual and worldy faiz. 

It is a must requirement for tasawuf. 

One’s soul is cleansed of the rust accumulated due to our sins, in the same way as we wash our body. The love for this world decreases.

 One is able to better comprehend the religion, beliefs, difficulties and tests by Allah on him. 

One can better handle worldly troubles of family, wealth, etc 

Finding Murshad : 

Murshad to whom the bayt is taken should be Kamil.
 He should have travelled the path of tasawuf and reached a maqam.
He should be spiritually linked to Holy Prophet.
He should have correct beliefs, Ahlus Sunnah wal jammah, & well aware of Quran & Sunnah.
He should not be an open sinner. One feels calm and tranquility in his presence.
His teachings bring one closer to Allah & Prophet PBUH.
He should not be deeply involved in worldly affairs.

 Murshad e Kamil Sayeen Faqeer Hazrat Muhammad Shams Ali Qalandar Owaisi Qadri Noshahi 

In the busy world we live it is difficult for us to search for true murshad, and most of the Aulia Allah in this period don’t want them to be seen, publicized as the world is involved in materialism only.
Hazrat Shams Ali Qalandar Owaisi Qadri Noshahi , peer e kamil , sarchasma e faiz ,qalandar , Wali Allah ,

One easy way is to become Mureed/Discipline of a Peer e Kamil having Owaisi Nisbat , Owaisi nisbat is one in which faiz is transferred to the mureed batani , whether the Peer is Alive in this world or not. Hence one can get faiz from such a saint in the same way as if he were alive in front of us. 

Faqeer e Owaisi is one who has received faiz directly from Holy Prophet PBUH, in Batin. Our Murshad Faqeer Hazrat Shams Ali Qalandar is an Owaisi faqeer , thousands of people have received faiz from him, in his life and receiving now too. The number of mureed in his worldly lifetime only, measured in lakhs, he said that of upto 2-3 lakh mureeds he had noted names & details in written form, after which the number was so much he didn’t write.

 He said to his Khalifa’s that all the disciplines/mureed of this Silsilah are my direct Mureeds and I will look after them. Thousands of people have reached great spiritual status from his faiz, and the process continues. Some of his disciplines reached the maqam of Abdal, many are Sahib e Mezar themselves.

Receiving faiz is easiest to get in our Silsilah, one doesn’t need to spend his whole lifetime and then bear its fruit, as in other silsilah’s,

Sayeen Shams Ali said in his life that “I give the seekers their share of faiz the moment they arrive my door”. Also “Whoever will come to this place will never return empty handed”. 

One anecdote is shared for reader’s interest: Sayeen Shams Ali Qalandar liked Baba Farid Shakar Ganj, once he visited his Mezar in Pakpattan, and said in a light note to Baba Faarid “If you were present in our lifetime I would not have let you faced such hardships as you faced on the path of tasawuf “ .

You can become mureed in our silsilah and learn spirituality under the Batani/Spiriutal guidance of Shams Ali Qalandar.

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