Ebook: Masnavi Molana Rumi in urdu

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Masnavi sharif written by Sufi Molana Rumi , is a priceless gem for the seekers of tasawuf . Originally written in persian as a prose , it has been translated to several languages .It is a spiritual writing that teaches Sufis how to reach their goal of being in true love with God.

Hazrat Shams Ali Qalandar also studied this book , Allama Iqbal was also inspired by this.

Volume 1: Read Online / Download (76mb) - 416 pages
Volume 2: Read Online / Download (65mb) - 366 pages
Volume 3: Read Online / Download (58mb) - 462 pages
Volume 4: Read Online / Download (48mb) - 374 pages
Volume 5: Read Online / Download (62mb) - 432 pages
Volume 6: Read Online / Download (94mb) - 542  pages