Hazrat Sayeen Faqeer Muhammad Shams Ali Qalandar 
Urdu: حضرت سا یں فقیر محمّد شمس علی قلندر
Silsilah :Owaisi ,Qadri , Noshahi
Birth Year : 1293 Hijri (about 1874-75)
Date of Wisaal : 6th of September 1966 ( Aged : 93)
Date of URS : 1st on 13,14,15 of March
                        2nd on 5,6,7 September
Darbar Sharif : Shamsabad , Hujra Shah Muqeem .

"Faqeer-e-Owaisi is one who has received Faiz-e-Mustafai baatani i.e who is spiritually blessed directly by Holy Prophet PBUH"

Early life:
As a boy, up till 16 years, He was illiterate & used to look after livestock & agriculture as was the custom in the 19th century Punjab . At that time though His elder brother used to go to Mahar Sharif (Near Chistian Sharif) for education, one day He decided that He too should get education  and accompanied his brother to Mahar Sharif and studied Farsi Prose , Arabic , Fiqh under the guidance of Molvi Ahmad Buksh who was an accomplished person & a disciple Khawaja Suleman Taunsvi .

After learning the principles of fiqh he left Mehar sharif and went to Mughere Sharif and became a student of Khawaja Fazal Haq Sahib who was the great grandson of Khawaja Noor Muhamad Maharvi Sahib an important figure in Chishti silsilah. Under his guidance he studied Tohfa-tul-Ahrar by Jami , Makhzan-e-asrar , Matlah-ul-Anwar and Masnavi Sharif by Rumi . He also understood the basic principles and pillars of tasawuf.

Later he learnt Loah-e-Jami under Hafiz Abul-hassan in tamiwala ,district bahawalpur and became aware of the maqamaat of tasawuf.

During his journey to seek knowledge he used to frequently see in his dreams , signs to to study less. Similarly one day he was going back to his home in mehruka ,Sahiwal that he slept at a house mid way in his journey , in his dream he saw Hazrat Ali , who held his right hand and woke him up , afterwards different Sufi Saints visited in his dreams including Khawaja Moeen ud deen Chisti ajmeri , Baba Fareed ud din Ganj Shakar and several other sufis.

Hazrat Shams Ali Qalandar received bait at the hands of Hazrat Sultan Bahu Sial Quds Sirah, Noshahi Qadri in Mulhamda Sharif near Ravi . Under guidance & teachings of his murshid his tazkiah nafs came to such a level that he didn’t even eat  Bair fruit (jujubea) that were growing in the wild ( one night he saw Ghos-e-azam and Hazrat ghareeb nawaz , who asked him not abstain so much as they also ate wild fruits themselves ).
Later he moved to Dhuliana Sharif (in Hujra shah muqim) and stayed there for several years, in a hujra attached to the local mosque .
There one night he saw Holy Prophet PBUH and Hazrat Abu Bakar(Rz) and Hazrat Umar(Rz) who bestowed him with Rohani Barkat. Before this moment came, he used to visit his murshad 2 times every month walking 40 KOS/ 120 KM ( 1Kos = 2.25 miles) on foot ,  it was shown to him that he will receive Faiz e Mustafai & it happened . He received Owaisi nisbat through Hazrat Owais Qarni .

Afterwards it so happened that he was ordered to adopt Qalandari Tariqa , and left the affairs of Shariah but continued to recite Muzamil Sharif , Qaseeda Ghosia & Durood Sharif all day long. One day while reciting the Azkar it came to him that what had he become, left Salat, Beard, Tahajud etc i.e refraining from shariah , lost control over himself and wept. With these thoughts in mind he came back to his hujra and in light sleep he heard the following
                                              نماز زاہدان سجدہ سجود است         نماز عاشقاں کلی وجود است 
at this he pondered it might be illusion by the Satan but during the same night he saw Holy Prophet (PBUH) in his dream who said that " I am your Murshid & Imam and you are servant of my court".
 Za lika fazlullahi yuhtee Manyashaa ullahi zul fazl ul azeem .

Maqam , Status:
He attained owaisi nisbat (Bait at the hand of Holy Prophet in dream ) 
He spent a great part of his life in Qaladari tariqa under order of Holy Prophet PBUH. left his scholarly dress and attained the faqeeri dress.
Title given to him : Sardar -e- Qalandaran 
                              Maqam e Kun Fa Ya Kun
                              Sultan- Aulia
                              Subhani Ma Azam Shani  (Darja)
and more given to him !
Dewan-e-Israr-e-Tauheed “Tegh e Berahna” urf nangi Talwar |book on Marifat !
 Miracles :
Several Miracles are attributed to him and some are mentioned in the book above ,
Several instances have been mentioned when people who were jailed and had cases on them were set free.
Also he granted Wealth and prosperity by dua !
Many people came with the hope of getting offspring , even women after the child bearing age had their hopes fulfilled.
One miracle is shared for readers interest : 
An illiterate person named Said Muhmmad who didn’t know how to read and write was able to read the Quran after one night .
 During the night the person saw in dream that Quranic verses were starting to be written on his body , the next day Sayeen asked people to call that person and a Quran was brought and he was asked to read and he started reading it like he knew arabic for quite a long time.

The Person was from a Jut family , illiterate man who used to be in the service of Sayeen and was very close to him . Once he heard from Imam while passing near a mosque during friday sermon that illiterate/Jahil can’t succeed in path of success . He became disappointed and went home and never returned to Sayeen Sahib , after some days of his absence Sayeen asked for the person and when he learnt about the matter, went directly to his home where Said Muhammad complained about what he had heard about the jahil and even refused to meet Sayeen Sahib . Then Sayeen Sahib said to him to come the next day and the event happened. Later he was taught Wird Wazaif and was also given permission to start spreading faiz.
Front View darbar sharif-lite
  It is the saying of Sayeen Shamas Ali ” Asan jattan nu peer banaya “
Final Words :
Those who are looking for spirituality should visit the Mezar sharif , and get faiz e Muhammadi , It is said by him ” Jo koi is darwaza aye khali Mol kadi na jaway ” i.e Whoever comes he
re will never return empty handed .
Hundreds of people have attained great spiritual maqam under him and this continues . He even bestowed ignorant people with Faiz , who later became so much learnt and became a source of faiz themselves. The Mezar Sharif is a pure source of Rohaniat for the seekers , who want to attain it in a short span and reach closer to Allah Almight .
It is written in his book ” Session judge asan high court asan tmam khooni raha beli ”  People also come here to seek Manat to get success in court cases and Convicts who had asked for forgiveness were set free by the dua of Sayeen Shamas Ali and also now by visiting the darbar sharif.
 Those facing difficulties , hardships , and other problems should also visit and make dua there .