Ebook: Hazrat Bibi Pak Damina

This ebook is about Hazrat Ruqayah bint Ali ibn Abu Talib (Bibi Pak Damina) who was the daughter of Hazrat Ali ibn Abu Talib with his wife Hazrat Umm al banin bint Huzaam. Hazrat  Ruqayah bint Ali was the full sister of Hazrat Abbas ibn Ali and also the wife of Muslim ibn Aqeel .

She along with other 5 ladies of the Ahle Bayt along with the followers came to Lahore after the incident of Karbala. Their mausoleum is located in Lahore and it has been documented that Data Ganj Baksh also prayed near the Shrine for 40 days.

This Ebook details the life and events related to Bibi Pak Damina .
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